Leofy with sustainability

Leofy with sustainability

At Leofy we use Flow's blockchain. A blockchain that is secure, very fast and easy to develop. These exceptional characteristics mean that it is becoming more and more talked about and used by artists or companies that create games, applications and use digital assets. Let's take a brief look at what Flow is and how it relates to sustainability.

What do Flow and sustainability have to do with each other?

As mentioned above, Flow and sustainability are related. Why is that? From the beginning, the most widely used platform for the creation and distribution of NFTs has been Ethereum (ETH). The blockchain using ETH consumes a lot of energy resources, both for managing and closing the blocks.

Flow uses the same technology as Ethereum, blockchain, but with a much lower energy consumption. The result is the same, but without using as much electricity and reducing the emission of gases into the atmosphere. How is this possible?

The data that validates an NFT is stored in virtual nodes, folders in which the block information is stored and which form an unbreakable and unalterable chain. In Ethereum, this data is repeated in each node, but Flow separates them into groups. First, it distinguishes between primary and secondary data. Then it distributes the secondary ones among the nodes, so as not to repeat all that information in all of them. This speeds up the speed and reduces the consumption needed for each operation.

Flow separates the validator nodes into four different roles: collection, consensus, execution and verification. It then assigns each of these roles to different nodes. They all work at the same time for validation, but are activated at different stages, depending on which one is required at any given time.

Other notable features of Flow

Although it uses fewer resources and handles the blockchain differently, Flow is totally secure. The result is the same, the information that is stored is safe and can be checked and verified by the user. An additional guarantee that serves as a backup is that behind the platform is Dapper Labs, developers of well-known cryptographic applications that use the Ethereum network as a base.

Another of Flow's advantages is its ease of use. It is accessible to all audiences, even if they do not have extensive knowledge about creating and buying NFTs or about the world of cryptocurrencies. The platform is user-friendly and intuitive and there is a lot of information on how to use it. Moreover, smart contracts are written in Cadence, a simple and dynamic cryptocurrency programming language.

Finally, it should be noted that Flow can work with different software and applications. It can be implemented on other platforms that trade with NFT, but do not want to use Ethereum.

As you know, at Leofy we have chosen Flow for sustainability. But that's not the only reason. We know that it is a safe, fast and efficient platform, which fits with our philosophy of making virtual collecting available to everyone. We invite you to enter our shop and check the variety, quality and originality of the NFT we have for you. Don't let anyone get ahead of you and get your hands on the unique creations of your favourite artists.

In addition to the sustainable development of the platform, with every NFT purchased a percentage of the final price will be donated to the organisation of each artist's choice. You can see more information on the NGO page.