Are you an artist?

Do you want to exhibit your work on Leofy? We offer you the first Spanish digital collecting platform for the sale of NFTs that aims to democratise the sector and make it accessible to anyone.

A gallery where you can exhibit your work that will allow you, in a very simple way, to adapt to the change of paradigm. Please note that all the NFTs exhibited in Leofy are 100% original works. There are no copies or of dubious provenance; and there is a very careful selection of artists, giving value to the entire community of artists we work with and their work. In addition, you can be sure that no one will copy your works, as they are protected by Flow's blockchain, which offers maximum security guarantees.

Flow has one more advantage, which I'm sure you'll love. Blockchains use a lot of resources to operate and ensure that the creation, storage and exchange of NFTs is done securely. Flow's reduces secondary processes to a minimum, so it's just as reliable, but it's just as environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, at Leofy you will find a team of professionals who will accompany you throughout the creative and strategic process to ensure that each launch is a success.

One more thing we wanted to tell you is that you will have an entire space dedicated to you. Whoever wants your NFTs, just enter your section and they will see all your collections and NFTs available. It will be very easy for buyers to find you in an environment that takes the utmost care of your image and transmits your essence.

Do you want to know more? Do you have any questions? Please contact our team and we will explain how Leofy works.