Leofy Universe

Art is culture. It is a reflection that shows us the world through the prism of different artists. By means of different techniques, creators are able to express their ideas and emotions through plastic, sound, visual, corporal, etc. techniques. 

Art has the peculiarity of making people feel or interpret works of art in very different ways. What for one person may represent a sunset, for another may bring back nostalgic memories of a moment in their life. 

Undoubtedly, with the advent of new technologies, art has evolved. We can enjoy works of art, illustrations, murals in digital form, but not only that! We can also find sonnets, videos or stories that have been transformed and adapted to the new times. Times in which the new generations are showing us a new way of understanding art. 

Let's not fool ourselves. Intangible art is here to stay. It is a new paradigm that is being born, and at Leofy we know very well what path to build with all that this new system encompasses. That is why we have created this new channel and model of NFT (Non fungible token) collecting.

What will you find in Leofy?

On the one hand, the originality of the collections you will find in the different artists rooms. All of them have been chosen by the artists, being unique pieces, so there is a component of veracity and exclusivity in the entire catalogue. 

Thanks to Flow blockchain technology, we work being sustainable, as Flow consumes much less energy than other blockchains. In addition, at Leofy we democratise NFTs. You can no longer only pay for your artworks or auctions using cryptocurrencies, but you can also pay for them using your credit card or paypal. 

As for artists, we understand firsthand how an artist feels when presenting or exhibiting their work. Therefore, from Leofy, we provide constant support and advice to the artist, both in all the information about NFT as well as in promotion. It should be noted that each artist can choose an NGO and donate a percentage of the profits to the chosen cause.

We hope you will join us in this artistic adventure, no doubt their collections and artists will not leave you indifferent.